Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator for Dangerous Liquid Level Measurement (Model: HS-MLI)

This portable Ultrasonic Water level indicator is designed to measure the presence or absence of the liquid at a certain height position in a container or in pipelines. The material of measurable liquid containers can be made of various kinds of materials like metal, glass, etc.

Product details


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The HS-MLI Portable ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is based on the principle of non-contact detection. It’s designed to offer a convenient way to find the presence or absence position of liquid level in the containers or pipelines which can not fix up other measuring equipment, such as CO2 tank, Halon tank, etc. It’s the best choice for the detection of dangerous toxic or corrosive liquids.

The HS-MLI Portable Liquid Level Indicator is also the only CE Approved ultrasonic level indicator available in China, which has produced this equipment more than 12 years.



       *  No need ultrasonic gel, keep the tank clean and saving budget

         *  No-invasive, Non-contact, No-radiation detection

         *  OLED back-lit Display

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3.Technical Specifications

(1) Dimensions  Height: 210mm



(2) Accuracy   ±2mm

(3) Verifiable Agents  CO2






(4) Applicable tank  Vertical tank

   horizontal tank

   spherical tank(diameter > 3m)

   CO2 tanks

(5) Probe   Aviation plug

    Spring supported to ensure well-contacted with the tank wall

(6) Power Supply  2 x 18650 lithium battery (battery life 10 hours)

(7) Display  OLED back-lit Display

 Size: 3 inches

(8) Operating Temperature  -20℃ to +70℃ (-4℉ to 158℉)

(9) Certificates


(10) Warranty  Main unit: 3 years

    Probe: 1 years and lifetime Customer Support

4.Probes Option

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     (1)Standard Probe     (2)Extensional Straight Probe          (3)Extension probe with 90 °angle





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