Magnetic Field Simulation System

Magnetic Field Simulation System

Smagall develops a number of weak magnetic measurement systems to meet the key requirements of a wide range of applications.

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Magnetic Field Simulation System consists of a computer, high precision DA card, high precision constant current source, Helmholtz coil and matched upper computer software. With amplitude, frequency and other parameters of simulation signal modified by software. high precision constant current source drives Helmholtz coil to generate steady magnetic field and alternating magnetic field. The magnetic field simulation system is precise and the magnetic field is even inside coil. 

Smagall is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of sensors and sensor-based systems, specializing in providing instrumentation with measurement and control for continuous liquid level and magnetic field measurement for various industries. 

Since 2001, our reputation is built on high standards of dependability and product quality backed by responsive customer service and competent technical support. We are selling our solutions and products to the main markets globally including the USA, Pan-Europe and Asia-pacific countries and having great selling record and long-term cooperation with local partners. Moreover, we are honored to be the official vendor for many world-known enterprises and institutes.


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